Hi friend! 

Tina here.

As head of marketing, I traded Fortune 500 clients to teach COACHES like you how to convert cold traffic into high-paying clients. And now you're here to automate your marketing and explode your business growth.

I’m obsessed with HELPING coaches like you increase cashflow, become experts in your niche, and fill your client rosters WITHOUT spending months blogging, posting daily on social or networking to be successful. 

I believe in YOU!

You need clients, like yesterday, and you need to know EXACTLY what to do in order to FEEL BETTER about your marketing.


And now? I am pulling back the curtain so you can shadow me at my desk, learning the exact steps to building the PROFITABLE, coaching business of your dreams. Let me teach you.


THIS is how to gain control of your life through automating your lead generation, mastering your conversion and scaling your business.

“This program went above and beyond. I really felt like I had a partner in my business. For so long I’ve struggled to make ends meet. I tried everything but nothing seemed to be working. I just got my first $3,000 client and I can’t be more grateful!"

— Lucy W.



“I needed results and you delivered. I cannot thank you enough for the support!! This changed my life. I feel so confident in my branding approach and it keeps getting better!"

— Dawna O.



“I feel like I’m not just a coach. I am a legit business owner with clients and monthly revenue! I hope you know how grateful I am for the wonderful guidance. It would have taken me years to learn all this without the program.”

— Katie S.




Schedule a 1:1 Strategy Session

Can you IMAGINE an automated sales funnel that brings in predictable revenue 24/7 while delivering you more freedom and less frustration?


Marketing is not magic, it’s science and it works 100% of the time. You just need to know EXACTLY how and where to put your focus.


You're invited to join me for a personalized 45-minute session where we will deep-dive into details on where you're stuck and what you can do to fix it.


There is no charge or obligation. If we're a fit, I'll share how we could work together automating your lead generation, mastering your conversion and predictably scaling your business.

Wow, you've made it all the way down here. Let me tell you a little more.


Certified Coach, Brand & Lead Gen Strategist

Tina is your go-to-business coach. A VP of Marketing for a Fortune 50 company turned mindfulness junkie - she's dedicated her life to helping coaches and entrepreneurs just like YOU create the impact and income you deserve so you can live in total alignment with your purpose.


Tina has completed training in marketing from UC Berkley Extension, is a Certified Professional Coach from the Life Coach School, a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming from The Tad James Co. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising Design, graduating Cum Laude from the Columbus College of Art & Design and has completed Return on Investment Methodology from the ROI Institute.


Tina is a lifetime learner and an active member of The American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Harvard Institute of Coaching. Currently, Tina has a private coaching practice in Laguna Niguel, is a regular presenter on entrepreneurship in Southern California, and is CEO and founder of Branderella.


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